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Apply to become a Slay Queen or Slay King. Our Slay Queens/Kings are successful by using social media to engage and create a lasting relationship with customers and followers. Slay Queens/Kings will be provided with a variety of different links and banners to choose from by using specialize text, links and banners to assist in marketing efforts.



Earn Money and Rewards

Slay Queens/Kings can potentially earn up to 10% commissions off sales generated from customers and followers. For every referral and successful  conversation, reward points are earned and may be used towards FREE HAIR bundles and products. Slay Queens/Kings can receive up to **20% off all hair extensions, products and service. Not mention friends and family can received up to 15% off and earn points too! You cannot beat that!


Track Your Own Sales and Rewards 

We will provide our Slay Queens/Kings with unique codes to give to customers and followers to help tracking purchases made through our website.Our Slay Queens/Kings can track their own sales and rewards in real time using their online portal. (Coming Soon)


Frequently Ask Question

Can anyone be a Brand Ambassador?

Yes. Individuals must be able to maintain a strong social media following or ability to create one to continue as a Brand Ambassador.

How much money do I need to start?

We will NEVER CHARGE anyone to become a member of our Brand Ambassador program.

How often do I get paid?

Our Slay Queens/Kings may choose to receive payments via check or must register with an active PayPal account. Payment will be disbursed on a bi-weekly basis (Friday).

Are we able to combine both Slay Queen/King discount with current public promotions? 

Once you have been identified as an official Slay Queen/King Brand Ambassador, you will be subjected to different reward tiers and cannot used your discount in conjunction with any offers or sales provided to the public.

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 We reserved the rights to make changes as it relates to our business operations, market and outside influences. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ listed below or contact directly at