Poppins Extensions Plus


Always Slay with YOU in Mind

In 2015, Poppins Extensions Plus was established as a exclusive hair company whom cater towards elite entertainers sister company Poppins Productions LLC. Both organization worked in conjunction to offer exclusive services and unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction in which only offered to individuals within in the  Entertainment Industry. 

Founder Statement

Poppins Extensions Plus worked relentlessly to create standard of excellence which has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today. In 2018, our organization decided to expand business operations to focus on a broader range of customers ranging from men, women, teenagers, and LGBTQI community. We strongly believe in the power of empowering individuals regardless of walks of live to find their inner-self, express their truths in beauty, settle upon their alter ego, and finally become the Queen or King you were intended and meant to be. Our slogan is "Queens Live Here/Kings Live Here" and "Always Slay with YOU in Mind", which means you have an inner-QUEEN or KING and just let it out! Don't forget about WHO YOU ARE and it's okay to "Choose Self for Change". 

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