Poppins Extensions Plus are proud to partner with Merlinthia Thomas, a renowned Professional Licensed Cosmetologist and Founder of Kalon Kollection, LLC to delivered customized wig services. We are dedicated to provide our customers with the best of the best in the industry!

Merlinthia has an extensive background in the beauty industry with over a decade in providing outstanding services in wide range of customers and services including diligently catering to individuals who are currently experience hair loss as a result of a medical or mental condition such as cancer, alopecia, i.e.

Due to her passion for the beauty industry and helping others regain their life with providing exceptional customized wig and hair care services founded Kalon Kollections. Kalon Kollection is built upon integrity with the goal of providing each and every customer with quality customized wigs while building confidence and promoting beauty that is skin deep within each customer. We pride ourselves on creating a judgement free company and welcome everyone from different walks of life as ensure to maintain a high level of privacy, quality and integrity.


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