Maintenance Guide

Maintenance Guide

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We are dedicated and determine to ensure our clients receives the best return into their investment and remain a QUEEN at all times. We carefully created a helpful guide and tips on how to properly maintain any of our hair products and services. 


Guide to Great Hair Care

Build Body and Make It Last

It is important to treat your hair extensions, wigs, clip-in and tape-in just how you would care for your own hair. 

1. Don't be rough nor pull hair to avoid loosen hair as it will not last. 

2. Gently wash your hair using a shampoo with great moisturizer such as a non-sulfate. Sulfate is a cleaning agent used to effectively clean your natural hair and help to create new oils. Unfortunately, extensions does not have the ability to create new oils, resulting in drying out, split ends and looking dry or frizzy.  and can result in hair drying out. (not recommend to shampoo for hair glue or clip/tape in- consult a licensed professional)

3.  Always use conditioner. Work conditioner all through your hair from roots to end. (recommend for braided and curly extensions to use   leave-in conditioner to maintain moisturizer and shine throughout the day)

4. Don't overly wash and condition hair. This will result in hair drying out. The frequency will depend on hair thickness, oil content and amount of oil used.

5. Blow dry hair completely before going to bed to avoid developing mildew and/or unpleasant odor, drying out hair, tangling and damaging natural hair.  Dry time will depend on hair thickness and density. ​

6. Please make sure to sleep with a silk scarf and/or satin pillow to keep hair neat and intact.

7. Always, Always and Always consult a licensed cosmetologist before and after installment or alterations.